Fringes of Khorvaire

998 YK, Barrakas 4
DM’s Summary
  • On a dark and stormy night, high in the spire city of Sharn, two adventurers – Cale and Cathra – are on their way back from dinner at a fancy restaurant when they spot a mysterious body lying in the middle of the skybridge.
  • A female warforged jumps from the shadows to attack them, but these adventurers are not surprised easily. She makes minimal effort to hide her responsibility in the murder of the man. They defeat her quite easily, knocking her off the skybridge. Before she plummets to her death, she releases her final messenger into the sky.
  • Cale descends gracefully to the warforged’s corpse and searches her, but not before he pockets some of the possessions on the body. Cathra has little trouble catching up with him, and they quickly decide to hide before the authorities arrive.
  • A shadowy figure tells them to go to the Broken Anvil tavern if they wish to learn more, and he leaves as quickly as he can speak. They return to Cale’s residence, a rather palatial home, where they attempt to inspect the journal.
  • They then decide to head to the Broken Anvil, which turns out to be a humble establishment run by House Ghallanda, where they are met by a beautiful half-elf woman named Elaydren. She asks them to acquire a mechanical schema purportedly of sentimental value to House Cannith.
  • She offers 1,500 gold and 100 gold upfront to find the schema in an ancient foundry somewhere beyond the sewers of Dorasharn Tower. They acquire supplies and information at the Rat’s Market of Dorasharn and make their way.
  • In the sewers, they do battle with another warforged and his hired muscle, who demands they hand over the journal. They refuse and fight him to the death, and he too releases his final messenger before falling.
  • Soon, they find the entrance they are looking for: a magically sealed hatch that unlocks when the journal’s cover is placed upon it, finding a dark shaft that descend into a long hallway where only further challenges await.

Total XP Awarded: 762 XP/person.

998 YK, Nymm 23
DM’s Summary of Last Session
  • At the dragonshard fields on the eastern side of the Shadow Marches, the adventurers meet Qolleb, a half-orc freelancer. Contrary to Doria’s claims, Qolleb was never her husband, they merely conspired to be husband and wife in their last money-making enterprise.
  • Qolleb informs the adventurers that a mining community along the Byeshk Mountains has uncovered the tomb of an ancient hobgoblin warrior, and it stands to reason that Dhakaani artifacts may be found there.
  • He makes a proposition: 6,150 gold to venture into the Byesk Mountains and bring him any Dhakaani artifacts, and he as a gesture of goodwill to Doria, he will remove the bounty on Doria. Such Dhakaani artifacts command great value to goblinoids who hold the Age of Monsters with nostalgia.
  • Qolleb would hunt for these artifacts himself, if he wasn’t tied up with his dragonshard delivery. An ‘everybody wins’ scenario he opines, where it is better to share the rewards than to lose them out to another group. The adventurers are to meet Qolleb at Graywall within a week.
  • The adventurers head to the Byeshk Mountains and venture forth into the mine, but not before foreman Oolaki sketches them a loose map of the mine. Meanwhile, Doria offers to stay above ground and open accounts with House Kundarak’s Banking Guild to afford them greater convenience in future financial matters.

Total XP Awarded: 624; XP/PC: 208; Bonus XP Award to Hosso & Tyq: 200 XP/each.

998 YK, Nymm 20-22
DM’s Summary of Last Session
  • The adventurers descended into the dark shadows of the Khyber caverns, battling a sentient dark ooze and a gang of dolgrim warriors. They enter the ritual chamber where Toraash, the village reeve is discovered to be the leader of a cult to Belashyrra, and is holding Doria hostage.
  • Hosso bravely tries to take command of the situation by fending off a horde of cultists and directing his companions to gain strategic advantage. When Toraash falls he cries out, “His eye is upon you!”
  • The adventurers free Doria who has been bound and gagged. Doria is beautiful for an orc, but her accent and diction leave much to be desired. She is a self-proclaimed ‘business person’ looking to amass wealth for herself.
  • In the next room, a dozen or more of the villagers are trapped in an eldritch machine that is draining out their souls. The adventurers work together to dismantle and disarm this ‘soul prison’ successfully.
  • Their efforts are rewarded by these villagers with some magical heirlooms, but on the whole, the village of Blackroot is rather ambivalent about their heroism. In any case, despite the bounty on her head, Doria makes the proposition of going hunting for a lost hoard of valuable dragonshards.
  • Doria suggests obtaining some mounts in the form of clawfoots (clawfeet?) and the adventurers do so the next morning. The mounts are expensive, but they are able to haggle the price down to 25%, because of the less than perfect state the stables have kept them in.
  • They set out that day in search of a deactivated warforged unit called ‘9097’. Doria says that 9097 was an old unit under the command of House Tharashk that knows where the dragonshard stash should be located.
  • The party finds the various parts of 9097 and reactivate him. A jittery and somewhat irritating thing, 9097 leads them to their destination where they find that a band of orcs have beaten them to the dragonshards. One of them happens to be Doria’s ex-husband.

Total XP awarded: 4080; XP/PC: 1360; Bonus XP award to Hosso: 250XP.

998 YK, Nymm 19
DM’s Summary of Last Session:
  • The adventurers – a team of bounty hunters – arrive in the village of Blackroot, located within the heart of the Shadow Marches to find Doria Veledaar, a fugitive.
  • The reeve of Blackroot, Toraash, declares that Doria and the rest of her family left Blackroot weeks ago, presumably to relocate to Sharn.
  • Further investigation shows that the Veledaar’s may still be in the area of Blackroot. The party uses their skills – subterfuge and streetwise – to learn more, but all learn little from the wary villagers, except mutterings about “The Harvest”
  • The adventurers follow a faint magical energy trail to a cave located at the edge of town. They enter it and discover a subterranean lair filled with cultists and aberrant creatures.

Total XP awarded: 3000 XP; Bonus XP award to Tyq: 250 XP.


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