Fringes of Khorvaire

998 YK, Nymm 19

DM’s Summary of Last Session:
  • The adventurers – a team of bounty hunters – arrive in the village of Blackroot, located within the heart of the Shadow Marches to find Doria Veledaar, a fugitive.
  • The reeve of Blackroot, Toraash, declares that Doria and the rest of her family left Blackroot weeks ago, presumably to relocate to Sharn.
  • Further investigation shows that the Veledaar’s may still be in the area of Blackroot. The party uses their skills – subterfuge and streetwise – to learn more, but all learn little from the wary villagers, except mutterings about “The Harvest”
  • The adventurers follow a faint magical energy trail to a cave located at the edge of town. They enter it and discover a subterranean lair filled with cultists and aberrant creatures.

Total XP awarded: 3000 XP; Bonus XP award to Tyq: 250 XP.



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