Fringes of Khorvaire

998 YK, Nymm 20-22

DM’s Summary of Last Session
  • The adventurers descended into the dark shadows of the Khyber caverns, battling a sentient dark ooze and a gang of dolgrim warriors. They enter the ritual chamber where Toraash, the village reeve is discovered to be the leader of a cult to Belashyrra, and is holding Doria hostage.
  • Hosso bravely tries to take command of the situation by fending off a horde of cultists and directing his companions to gain strategic advantage. When Toraash falls he cries out, “His eye is upon you!”
  • The adventurers free Doria who has been bound and gagged. Doria is beautiful for an orc, but her accent and diction leave much to be desired. She is a self-proclaimed ‘business person’ looking to amass wealth for herself.
  • In the next room, a dozen or more of the villagers are trapped in an eldritch machine that is draining out their souls. The adventurers work together to dismantle and disarm this ‘soul prison’ successfully.
  • Their efforts are rewarded by these villagers with some magical heirlooms, but on the whole, the village of Blackroot is rather ambivalent about their heroism. In any case, despite the bounty on her head, Doria makes the proposition of going hunting for a lost hoard of valuable dragonshards.
  • Doria suggests obtaining some mounts in the form of clawfoots (clawfeet?) and the adventurers do so the next morning. The mounts are expensive, but they are able to haggle the price down to 25%, because of the less than perfect state the stables have kept them in.
  • They set out that day in search of a deactivated warforged unit called ‘9097’. Doria says that 9097 was an old unit under the command of House Tharashk that knows where the dragonshard stash should be located.
  • The party finds the various parts of 9097 and reactivate him. A jittery and somewhat irritating thing, 9097 leads them to their destination where they find that a band of orcs have beaten them to the dragonshards. One of them happens to be Doria’s ex-husband.

Total XP awarded: 4080; XP/PC: 1360; Bonus XP award to Hosso: 250XP.



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