Fringes of Khorvaire

998 YK, Nymm 23

DM’s Summary of Last Session
  • At the dragonshard fields on the eastern side of the Shadow Marches, the adventurers meet Qolleb, a half-orc freelancer. Contrary to Doria’s claims, Qolleb was never her husband, they merely conspired to be husband and wife in their last money-making enterprise.
  • Qolleb informs the adventurers that a mining community along the Byeshk Mountains has uncovered the tomb of an ancient hobgoblin warrior, and it stands to reason that Dhakaani artifacts may be found there.
  • He makes a proposition: 6,150 gold to venture into the Byesk Mountains and bring him any Dhakaani artifacts, and he as a gesture of goodwill to Doria, he will remove the bounty on Doria. Such Dhakaani artifacts command great value to goblinoids who hold the Age of Monsters with nostalgia.
  • Qolleb would hunt for these artifacts himself, if he wasn’t tied up with his dragonshard delivery. An ‘everybody wins’ scenario he opines, where it is better to share the rewards than to lose them out to another group. The adventurers are to meet Qolleb at Graywall within a week.
  • The adventurers head to the Byeshk Mountains and venture forth into the mine, but not before foreman Oolaki sketches them a loose map of the mine. Meanwhile, Doria offers to stay above ground and open accounts with House Kundarak’s Banking Guild to afford them greater convenience in future financial matters.

Total XP Awarded: 624; XP/PC: 208; Bonus XP Award to Hosso & Tyq: 200 XP/each.



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