Clawfoot (Mount)

If a velociraptor were a noble steed, it would be a clawfoot.


Initiative + 6, Perception +1.

HP: 28. AC: 16; Fort/Refl/Will: 16/16/13. Speed: 6.
Talons: +9 vs. AC; 1d8 + 3 damage.
Clawfoot Charge: When the clawfoot’s rider charges, both the clawfoot and the rider make melee basic attacks.


A human-sized predator of the Talenta Plains, this dinosaur is the saurian equivalent of a warhorse. Well trained and loyal, a clawfoot often continues fighting even after its rider’s death. While a clawfoot would be considered exotic on many worlds, an exotic saddle is not required for riding one.

Art from megamoth @ deviantart.

Clawfoot (Mount)

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