Communicating only via gibberish, 9097 is a warforged scout who might know a thing or two about the Shadow Marches


Level 1 Artillery
HP: 27 AC: 16 Fort/Refl/Will: 14/14/9
Speed: 7

Camouflage: +5 to Stealth when in outdoor concealment or cover
Defensive Mobility: +2 to AC against opportunity attacks.
Longbow: +7 vs. AC, 1d10+3 damage.
Longsword: +5 vs. AC, 1d8+3 damage.
Scout’s Focus: Minor action, designate a target. That target receives extra 1d6 damage for each successful attack 9097 makes on it.
Dodgy Bastard: (Encounter power) When an enemy makes a melee attack against 9097, he may shift 1 square as an immediate reaction and make a basic attack, with a power bonus of +1 on the attack roll.

TRAINED SKILLS: Acrobatics + 7, Nature +4, Stealth +7



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