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Somewhere within the wild regions outside of Khorvaire:

Tyq, the changeling bounty hunter whose avarice has yet to meet its limits.
Hosso Tartakki, a goliath druid who spends most of his time in the form of a polar bear.
Anon, the plucky and curious warforged who tinkers in magicks and artifacts.

They are accompanied by:
Doria Veledaar – a half-orc prospector and ‘businessperson’ whose beauty is offset by her less than stellar command of pronounciation.
9097 – a shifty little construct whose paranoia and nervousness makes one question his role in the Last War.

Deep in the lower levels of the tower city known as Sharn:
Cale, the noble-born eladrin with a larcenous streak uses his arcane talents to further his lust for power.
Cathra, the pugilistic dwarf has renounced the monastic life in favor of wealth.

Supporting Cast – A quick summary of the most plot-relevant NPCs, subject to change as the plot moves forward.

* Races and Cultures in Eberron – How the races in Eberron differ culturally from their counterparts in more ‘traditional’ settings.
* The Dragonmarked Houses – The major players of Eberron, following the decline of the Kingdom of Galifar, summarized for player convenience.
* Druidic Sects – The various primal traditions which populate Khorvaire.

Other Organizations: The Aurum, The Blood of Vol, The Chamber, Church of the Silver Flame, Cults of the Dragon Below, The Dreaming Dark, The Library of Korranberg, The Lords of Dust, Morgrave University, Order of the Emerald Claw, The Royal Families, The Twelve, The Wayfinder Foundation

Dragonshards – A primer on the unique crystals that are critical to the economic and technological advances of Eberron.
Treasure Log – An accounting of swag collected by the players, and a secret record of the stuff the DM is going to give out. Expanded details of Artifacts are also recorded here.
Locations – Places visited.

Main Page

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